Polypropylene (PP)

As part of the Refinery project, HMEL  has setup a Polypropylene Unit (PPU), utilising Novolen® Gas-phase polypropylene process, with a production capacity of 4,40,000 MT/annum of Homo-Polymer Polypropylene. HMEL  is producing entire range of PP Homo-Polymers, to service the demand of customers from all application segments.

HMEL’s PP Unit is integrated with its world class Refinery, ensuring feedstock security at all times.
In addition to the World class technology, HMEL is implementing Best industry practices, in all aspects of our businesses. We are setting up a state of the art R&D and Testing facility, to ensure continuous improvement in our product and to support application development initiatives for customers.
Polypropylene is one of the fastest growing polymers, with worldwide growth forecast at 5-6% annually in the near foreseeable future. It is expected to grow at twice the rate of growth of the GDP.
Higher growth of PP can be attributed to the ability of Polypropylene to replace the conventional materials (such as paper, wood, glass, metal etc.) and some other polymers, by demonstrating equal or better properties and at a lower cost. It is the lightest of the widely used thermoplastics with specific gravity of less than one. It has no taste or odour and is non toxic. Polypropylene is the most versatile of all thermoplastic polymers, with following characteristics:
  • Lowest density of all major thermoplastic polymers, which makes it a preferred material on overall economics, and being light weight
  • Excellent chemical resistance for packaging applications such as cosmetics, medical use, caps and closures
  • Good stiffness suitable for applications like furniture, containers and thin-wall packaging
  • High transparency, for film applications
  • Good impact strength suitable for technical applications, such as in automotive and appliances applications
  • Good heat resistance suitable for hot & cold water piping applications
  • Low water absorption suitable for hygiene and geo-textile applications
  • Good moisture barrier suitable for packaging of hygroscopic & food products
  • Good Stretchability for high tenacity fibres, nonwoven fabric and tape yarns, and biaxally oriented film for flexible packaging, adhesive tape and lamination